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Hiring the right kind of leader

This critical decision is a make or break one for the Board and the agency. We help guide the Board of Directors in analyzing the leadership requirements of the agency, its culture and its current and future needs, providing guidance into the match required for this hire. 

Research tells us the match is the key. We spend time here diagnosing exactly what to look for in a new leader. This drives the entire process helping to ensure a successful hire. 


The first 90 days - our "90-Day Success Program"

Now that the right kind of leader has been selected we immediately begin to prepare the leader and the agency for the transition. 

We follow a formula for success that has been developed from on-going research into leadership transitions and with input from a network of non-profit leaders and their collective experiences. 

Our 90-Day Success Program provides assessments, questions, checklists and advice, along with our daily guidance.

This framework helps accelerate the transition and significantly improve the chance of a successful start. It also significantly reduces stress for all involved. 


Succession Planning Support

We offer our  "Life as an ED" workshop for organizations wishing to prepare its senior team, direct reports, or high-potential employees with an overview of the Executive Director's roles and responsibilities. This includes a good deal of insight from Executive Directors who have lived the experience.  

The world of non-profit leadership is a complicated and demanding one that requires well-honed business skills, a high level of emotional intelligence, and an ability to manage a diverse array of elements including a Board of Directors, external relationships, fundraising, strategic planning, etc... 

Insight into this world provides a foundation for future leaders to prepare more effectively and efficiently into a potential ED candidate.  

"Board members should attend the "Life of an ED" workshop. It really lays out the ED job in a few short hours."  Graham Morry, Executive Director, Nanaimo Association for Community Living

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