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At Board Approved Leaders we are passionate about helping organizations  be successful - and we know that starts with leadership. Board Chairs, Executive Directors and high-potential employees 

That's where we come in! 

We are experienced Executive Directors with a proven framework for effective leadership development.  

Over 50% of Executive Directors plan to leave their job in the next 4 years according to one study. If not handled properly that could be very disruptive to our non-profit agencies and our communities.  

We can help take the risk out of the opportunity.


Our areas of expertise:

Board Chair excellence 

Board Chairs have a significant opportunity to make a real difference in their communities. Being an "ultra-successful" Board Chair is not an easy thing to master. We fast-track you to that status. 

The Executive Director Hiring Process

We work with the Boards to help identify the right kind of leader. Is this leader a good match for what is needed? Our 10-Question Tool Kit helps the Board decide on what kind of leader they are looking for so they can be more effective in their search. As past Executive Directors we can add real value to this prep work. 

Fast-tracking new Executive Director transitions

There are far too many examples of new leadership hires that either fail outright or don't live up to the initial expectations of staff and Board members. Our 90-Day Success Program is a framework for success in this critical transition time. We accelerate the transition time and help ensure it is a successful one.

On-going succession planning

Our "Life of an ED" workshop helps develop internal leadership potential. We facilitate the succession planning for the ED and her / his direct reports with our Succession Planning Tool Kit. 

"I highly recommend Scott's workshop "Life of an ED". I had 3 staff participate and it was very well received. Each person reported having a much better sense of all the elements of the ED role. I can now talk to them about crafting out a better professional development plan."  Graham Morry, Executive Director Nanaimo Association of Community Living 

These are proven strategies based on research and experience from a network of Executive Directors. 


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